Based in Crookwell The Gourmet Potato – Kadwell is a partnership between Garry Kadwell and Wentworth Hill which has gone from strength to strength since its formation some 3 years ago.

The Gourmet Potato – Kadwell varieties within the company’s range are grown in a biodiverse environment cultivated topographically and protected by linking ecological zones. Over 30% of the farm’s land has been dedicated to these strategically planted zones which help the crops grow and flourish in protected microclimates whilst encouraging the colonisation of birds and beneficial insects to minimise crop destroying pests. It's a framework that Garry Kadwell has developed over years of observation and getting to know his land and the results goes a long way to answer the question of  conventional-versus-regenerative farming. The Result has been a 30% productivity increase in crop production annually, through a balance back to the natural cycle of the land, soil and its ability to photosynthesize.

“We’ve forgotten that we are nature and that our land is a living organism. Farming practices traditionally take from the earth without giving back. My mindset is clear, we focus on returning what we take with no compromise ....and the reward in “giving back”  is stronger plants, healthier livestock and rich, nutrient-dense soil alive with microorganisms, mycelia and worms. …that's really the secret.. it's our soil that sets our potatoes apart”, said Garry Kadwell

“Garry and I are aligned in our life passion to bring the best quality produce to market for our customers.” said Wentworth Hill  “Naturally grown product that has integrity both in its production and its taste on the plate. We work hard to deliver the most nutritious and flavoursome potatoes within a well-established sustainable framework of regenerative farming whilst this is a wonderful acknowledgement of our product and we are truly grateful and humbled by the company of our state category” 

With the impact of COVID-19, we have received incredible support principally from Puharich Family with the means to supply to their customers through the extraordinary Victor Churchill Butcher Shop in Queen St Woollahra, Vic’s Premium Meat Market Mascot and their e-commerce on line Vic’s Direct, along with Galluzzo Family Fruiterer in Glebe and the Two Providores at Marrickville… Their support has been over and above the call of duty;  just outstanding!

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It started with Garry Kadwell's 20 year+ vision on how to grow the best potatoes through developing 'nature's best soils'. It evolved with Wentworth Hill's 20 year+ vision to work with 'nature's best' in bringing healthy, highly nutritious flavoursome food to consumers.

"Between the two, The Gourmet Potato Kadwell evolved underpinned by the exploratory cooking of Annette Hill to know how best to relate to these extraordinary potatoes that have truly captured taste buds all over Sydney."



"Truly delicious ingredients are to behold - finding them is the real challenge."

"When you discover highly nutritious ingredients whether meats, vegetables or fruits, you realise what you have been missing because the flavours and textures are so incredibly delicious. Nutrition levels determine flavour levels.
The vast bulk of potatoes are devoid of mouth watering flavour because they are grown in sand or very thin solid and instead rely on sauces for flavour. Our potatoes are so delicious... they are meals in themselves."


We are excited by our truly delicious flavours our varieties have delivered this year following the toughest growing conditions of extreme drought and then very extensive rains.








Nutrition and flavour go hand in hand - the more nutritious a potato, the more delicious its flavour.

A common refrain we hear at the growers markets is: “I never knew potatoes had flavour until yours - amazing”. All potatoes from The Gourmet Potato Kadwell are full of flavour, reflecting their high level nutritious structures. Each full flavour potato variety has its own unique nutritious profile.

Highly nutritional potatoes provide major benefits: 200 grams ( just over a cup) generically represents 186 calories, which is only 9% of the recommended daily intake for women and 7% for women.

Our nutritious potatoes are packed with vitamins and minerals essential for our bodies. Nutritious potatoes are generally defined as providing average daily intakes of 37% of Vitamin B6, 17% of Vitamin B3, 25% Copper, 25% of Vitamin C, 23% of Potassium, 28% of Phosphorous and 20% of Manganese.

Vitamin B6 helps make haemoglobin protein in red blood cells that help transmit oxygen throughout the body; Vitamin B3 can help lower cholesterol; Copper helps the body to form red blood cells, maintain healthy bones and support the immune system; Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant; Potassium helps regulate fluid balance, muscle contraction and nerve signals; phosphorous for bone and teeth strength, muscle recovery after exercise, helping remove waste from the kidneys and nerve conduction throughout the body; and Manganese for antioxidant benefits, bone development and wound healing.

Nutritious potatoes as flagged by fullness of flavour are truly beneficial to our day to day health.








“We maximise root growth to maximise nutrients uptake & flavour” by way of:



  1. Nutrient rich red basalt & loam soils
  2. Cool climate -warm to hot days and cool nights = re-energise overnight
  3. Very clean air @ 950+m - oxygen rich
  4. Soil prep- seaweed + zinc + other
  5. Sap testing every few weeks re water
  6. 30% of Kadwell land put to trees and shrubs to maximise insects to counter bugs  



Planting in rich organic matter soils
Ensuring row distances are correct

Planting in rich organic
matter soils

 Ensuring row distances
are correct

Growing beautifully in cool climate Root growth maximised for nutrients uptake

Growing beautifully in
cool climate

Root growth maximised for
nutrients uptake

Garry Kadwell &
Costa Georgiadis

 Garry Kadwell & Lennox Hastie,
CITI Chef of the Year 2020

A beautiful crop from the paddock To the kitchen for the “inner chef”

A beautiful crop from
the paddock

To the kitchen for the
“inner chef”