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Annette Hill , Operations Director of The Gourmet Potato Kadwell, has spent some five years working with and experimenting with our potato varieties, and has an extraordinary appreciation of their characteristics and applications.

Because The Gourmet Potato Kadwell potatoes are full of flavour and nutrition, the focus is on how to best release their flavours ... which is the opposite of most potatoes given they are grown in sand and the focus is on sauces to give them flavour.

Annette and Wentworth Hill, founder of The Gourmet Potato Kadwell with Garry Kadwell, are available to meet with you on your needs and how we can assist in menu planning.



Lennox Hastie

Lennox Hastie & Garry Kadwell

Lennox Hastie, 2020 CITI Chef of the Year, creator of Firedoor Restaurant Surry Hills, nominated the State Winner Andean Sunrise potatoes of The Gourmet Potato Kadwell for the ‘delicious.PRODUCE AWARDS 2020'.

“It is an amazing product with an amazing story. The rich flesh possesses a unique texture, providing extraordinarily strong potential for the development of new dishes".



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